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I use mindfulness, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral and transformative coaching techniques to help you explore your current relationship situation and core values, as well as examine and challenge attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that aren’t serving you and discover ones that do. I can help you create a clear vision for your life and ideal relationships, then set goals and decide on concrete actions together including new thought habits, relationship and communication skills and practices that will swiftly send you around current obstacles and down the path to achieving the relationships of your dreams.

My practice is affirming of all orientations, identities, lifestyles, backgrounds, and of both neuro-diverse and neuro-typical individuals. Though I have experience in the consensual non-monogamy (polyamory, open, swinger, etc.), LGBTQIA+, and kink communities and understand the gifts and challenges of being a member of each, all are welcome! Whether you’re: polyamorous, monogamous, poly-curious, vanilla, cis, trans, genderqueer, bi, straight, queer, exploring, unsure…Come as you are! I do not believe any orientation, identity, lifestyle or brain configuration is inherently superior to any other. I do believe in love and want to help you love yourself and others in the deepest and most authentic way possible.

Common Types of Issues I Can Help With (and Many More!)


  • Having trouble finding or staying in the kinds of relationships you want
  • Patterns in your dating life that aren’t leading you to where you’d like to be
  • Feeling like you’re not “lovable enough” to find good partners
  • Questioning if any of the forms of consensually non-monogamous relationship lifestyles are right for you
  • Wanting something other than the traditional “relationship escalator” model and not sure how to achieve that
  • Issues navigating dating in alternative lifestyle or queer communities
  • Struggling with dating as a person with ADD/ADHD or on the Autism spectrum
  • Facing unique challenges as a trans, genderqueer, non-binary or other gendered person seeking partners


  • Negative patterns developing in your relationships
  • Feeling as if you’re drifting apart
  • Fights blowing up into relationship damaging events
  • Continually fighting over the same things, day after day
  • Issues with jealousy, especially if your relationship is consensually non-monogamous
  • Running into problems with polyamory relationship structures, poly time management, or clear, non-judgemental communication in your polycule
  • In a mono-poly relationship and unsure how to resolve the differences in your wants and needs
  • Conflicts with metamours
  • Disagreements about being “out” with family, friends, community, workplace
  • In a neurodiverse relationship (at least one partner has ADD/ADHD or autism) and feeling judged, baffled by or frustrated with your partner(s)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Relationship Coaching?

Coaching is a way for people to discover what they really want and what’s been in the way of getting it, then make a plan and take steps to achieve their goals, usually resulting in rapid positive change. In Relationship Coaching this involves a dialogue between the coach and the client(s) exploring the client’s current situation, values, beliefs and attitudes, then creating a vision for what they want their relationships to look and feel like. From there, the coach helps them decide on goals broken down into actions (such as learning new skills and practices), then the client(s) take the necessary steps to realizing their vision with support of the coach while making necessary adjustments along the way. This can be done individually or jointly where the coach facilitates partners creating and committing to shared visions of the future after discovering where their core values and desires meet.

Is Coaching a Type of Therapy?

Coaching and Therapy are two different modalities, each designed for helping people though different sets of issues. Coaching, while mindful of the contribution of past experiences, maintains focus on achieving goals in the present and future with typically rapid progress. Therapy is designed to address past trauma in depth, using a variety of psychological modalities to improve the client’s mental health, which usually takes a longer period of time. Coaches are not qualified to treat mental illnesses, such as depression or schizophrenia. However, clients who are under the care of a psychologist or psychiatrist can sometimes benefit from coaching to address issues that coaches are qualified to help with.

Who Hires a Relationship Coach?

Anyone who would like help to proactively improve their emotional intellingence, communication and other relationship skills, as well as people who feel stuck, frustrated or discouraged in securing or having the kind of authentic, loving, supportive relationships that they seek. This can be single people, couples, throuples, or whole polycules.

Do Both/All Partners Need to Participate?

Even if you’re in a relationship (or more than one), you can benefit from Relationship Coaching by yourself if your other partner(s) are not willing or able to attend sessions. I can help you determine your values, visions and goals, and improve your own end of the relationship, which can often help everyone involved to grow and connect more authentically. I can also help you determine if your relationships are a good healthy fit, and help you through the process of transitioning them if necessary. Of course, when all relationship partners choose to work together, positive change can be much quicker and easier to achieve.

Pay What you Can – Free Sessions Available!

I see clients on a pay what you can basis. No one is refused for financial reasons. I am passionate about serving the communities that I am part of.

While finishing my certification, consultation AND first session is free! Then pay what you can thereafter. Make an appointment now to take advantage of extra free sessions!

Free Consultation

Contact me to schedule a free, no obligation half hour consultation. Let’s get inspired!

You can either fill out this webform, give me a call or text at (971)410-8302 or shoot me an email at to get started!

I promise to get right back to you, no matter which way you are comfortable reaching out.

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